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Milan Junior Camp – Bellinzona
1 January 2020
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18 January 2019

ST MORITZ - Switzerland

St Moritz Celerina Junior Camp | AL2 Sport


the camp can only take place in CITY formula, without overnight stay.

The main precautionary measures will be:

• Control of body temperature in and out
• Small training groups
• Hygenization of sports equipment every day
• Respect for social distancing during transfers and lunches
• Hand sanitizing gel always available

St Moritz Celerina Milan Camp | The sixteenth edition of the camp will take place from 12 to 18 and from 19 to 25 July at the Celerina sport center. Participants, both males and females, will be divided into different groups based on age and technical level. Every day a different technical / tactical target will be developed, concluding the camp with the tournaments and the final ceremony.

Recreational activities are always provided. Weather permitting, on Wednesday is planned a walk in the wood and a picnic at the Staz lake, followed by a relax and game time at the beautiful Ovaverva Swimming Pool in St. Moritz.
On Saturday morning a final tournament will be organized between the participants and during the final ceremony a diploma will be given to all participants. The last editions has been attended attended by young people from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and other European countries. Fun is guaranteed and the place...magical!

Age | 6-15 years

Date | 12-25 july

St Moritz | Switzerland

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